Door Grille

Elegance Structural also offers an impression collection of door grilles (also known as security grills) for those who do not want to make any compromise when it comes to the safety and security of their home. Elegance Structural’s security grills offer an attractive and stylish solution, varying from upward-coiling grilles to side folding grilles that come in all patterns and colors. Made from durable metal such as durable aluminum or galvanized steel, these grilles are designed to increase your home’s protection and to give you and your family the peace of mind you need, knowing that both you and your belongings are safe and sound. Reliable, beautifully designed, durable and very easy to install, door grilles are a great addition to any home’s alarm system.

Elegance Structural can deliver a plethora of different door grille model, ranging from simple patterns with horizontal or vertical line to intricate floral patterns that are beautiful, secure and functional at the same time. For residential applications, the latter are usually the most suitable. One thing is for sure, though: these grilles represent an important long term asset that can be installed quickly and effortlessly, as they add to the security o your home without minimizing the visual access or without impairing the air movement.

The features and functions of these security grilles vary greatly from one design to another, but generally speaking they come with innovative design and engineering capabilities, they are available in either a standard anodized finish or in various other colors, and there are tens of different styles and designs one can choose from. In addition to this, door grilles can easily be used in conjunction with tempered glass, as they improve the efficacy of the glass and the overall security. The door grilles are used in commercial, residential and industrial applications all around the world, but Elegance Structural specializes mainly in residential applications where the security of the homeowner is an aspect of utmost importance.

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