Window Grille

Commonly referred to as window bars, grids or divided lites, the window grilles have the same function as the door grilles: they are designed to keep intruders away, without compromising the aspect and beauty of your home. The window grilles are a very popular choice for windows these days, especially those located on the first floor, as these are the ones burglars tend to target first given the fact that they have easy access to them.

Elegance Structural offers an impressive collection of window grid designs, all of which are made of steel of the highest quality – the grilles can be embedded in the frame of the window, and they feature a variety of different decorative applications, primarily floral patterns. These affixed window mounted grilles are a good and cost-effective addition to your home, and Elegance Structural’s experience of more than two decades in the field of home security products testifies to their quality and durability.

The grilles can be permanently or temporarily bonded either to the inside or the outside of your window glass, thus allowing you to slightly open the window without having to take off the grille. The grilles are designed to create an authentic look and to still allow a generous amount of light to enter the home – one of the aspects that make window grills so appreciated these days is that they add authenticity to any home that has a traditional or slightly historic design.

There are several different finishes you can opt from as well, as you can choose to leave your grills unfinished, or you can opt for have them pre-finished, painted or primed. There are hundreds of different colors and color combinations at your disposal as well, and you can choose to either get a set of window grids that match the exterior color of the cladding, or one that matches the window frame’s color. With Elegance Structural, the possibilities are endless!

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